Quick Downloads:[ Android and Firestick Users Open a Browser IN YOUR DEVICE and Download our apk]
Firestick type this in downloader = http://referralzonly.net/r.apk
Andriod type this in browser = http://referralzonly.net/iptvs.apk

IPhone users Download the IPTV Smarters App from the App Store

When entering in the App
Username: Your Email Address
Password: We Will provide

Download your choice of Player like XCIPTV, and IPTV Smarters from APTOIDE TV
Download and Install XCIPTV v.5.0.1 Official
After downloading follow instructions for Xtream Codes Information

Enter URL/Server Address/Portal [Top Entry]
Use This Server Address/ URL http://fortv.cc:8080/
Then Your Username [Your EmailAddress]
Then Your Password [Same as Above]

If You Login With Xtreme Codes, IPTV Smarters or XCIPTV
Use This Server Address/URL http://fortv.cc:8080/
Click - Add Playlist
Select - Xtream Codes
Use This Server Address/URL http://fortv.cc:8080/
Then Your Username [Your Email Address]
Then Your Password [Same as Above]

If Your Setting Up A Mag STB Device Use This Portal/URL
If you DON`T UNDERSTAND ANY OF THIS JUST EMAIL ME @readyregg44@yahoo.com WE GOT YOU!!!
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