How We Got Started

   We started this, with the goal in mind to express our own thoughts and feelings, but as we spoke to other people, perfect strangers of all backgrounds, colors and ethnic origins chimed in, and we realized that the world was not blind or sleeping, they were only just whispering or silent. We make apparel that says it loud and proud and straight to the point. And if you don't like what you see, close your eyes and wait and you will see what we have made to express your thoughts and feelings too. Sorry, but we are NOT politically correct, because we know the last true freedom we ALL still have left, is our thoughts and the voices and the means to express them! Sorry this wasn't about the history of our company in a time frame, but who really reads that crap anyway. If you like the product, you buy it. So why tell you how long we've been in business. What we want to know is, how long will you, our loyal, free to express yourselves customers, KEEP US IN BUSINESS?